Prenatal Care: What to expect

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6-8 Weeks after last menstrual period

First OB visit - beginning of monthly visits

LABS - Lab slip given


14 Weeks

Flu vaccine given (Oct.-Mar.)

Labs charted from first OB visit


18-22 Weeks

Ultrasound screening done

Sign up for birthing classes

Discuss FMLA papers (pregnancy leave from work)


22-25 Weeks

LABS: 1 hour Blood Sugar and CBC ordered

Antibody Screen ordered (if Rh negative)


28 Weeks

Begin every 2 weeks visits to the doctor

Discuss Fetal Activity chart

Blood sugar recorded

Antibody Screen recorded - Rhogam given if needed

LAB: 3 hour GTT ordered (if Blood Sugar >130)


32 Weeks

Info given on Group B Strep

Discuss signs of labor - who to call

Pediatrician Name on chart - Circumcision discussed

Breast/Bottle feeding choice charted

Discuss carseats and childcare


35-37 Weeks

Begin weekly doctor visits

Group B Strep culture done, charted, and faxed if needed

Culture charted

Excellent gynecologic care requires a more sensitive approach than mainstream healthcare.

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