Our Philosophy

Women's Health is Unique

Women’s Health is unique in the field of healthcare. We recognize this and strive to meet the challenges involved in the care of women. Whether you are encountering menstrual abnormalities in the teenage years, infertility after marriage, or menopausal problems later in life we respect the complex issues involved. Indeed, women deserve a carefully thought out approach to their health needs.

Respect the Dignity of the Patient

We also believe that the medical solutions we offer should respect the dignity of the female patient and preserve the integrity of her body. Thus, as we work through the evaluation of gynecologic problems, such as abnormal uterine bleeding or pelvic pain, we keep these guiding principles in mind. Similarly, when we manage obstetric complications, such as recurrent miscarriage or preterm labor, we keep the mother and baby forefront in mind. Finally, we work to build mutual trust in the physician-patient relationship. We believe that a woman deserves this as she approaches her health.

Excellent gynecologic care requires a more sensitive approach than mainstream healthcare.

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